Arthur Adamson


Arthur Adamson

Arthur Adamson was born in Sierra Leone in 1964 and moved to Liverpool when he was 7 years old. He studied art at Stockport Greater Manchester university and has been working as an artist and a graphic designer.  In 2003 he moved to Balestrand and has been represented in a row of exhibitions.

Lyset, havet og kjærleiken

«My paintings take a long time to complete due to the complex techniques and colour space I use. I begin with a theme but this is just a starting point.
At first it is a battle. The battle is between what is in my imagination and what I can make the paint and paintbrush do on the canvas. Eventually I realise that in a battle no one wins and so I concede to cooperate. I allow the paint to be paint and the paintbrush to bend to its own will. Even the canvas has its own will. The moment I do this my paintbrush flows freely.

From this moment on the painting is no longer about a theme but about a journey. A journey of the self. The outer self, the subconcious self and the soul.  At the end. the painting is more than mere image but has become a living organism of captured thoughts that represent who I am, right now, yesterday and tomorrow. My work is honest rather than clever. Truth will always be more powerful than cleverness.»


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