‘Advent wait’ thoughts in the fog

December the first….

Abstrakt Drop(LR) kopiFrom when I was a little child I had a special feeling for ‘December the first’ , it was the Christmas month!
Here today it is not much that reminds of the December with the ingredients from childhood winter:
White angles, frozen river and snow clad evergreen forests.
A dense fog is heavily hanging on the mountain sides,
sleet showers and some wet snowflakes in-between…
until it gathers in heavy drops of water  
You can see so far when it is foggy.
The mountains do not block the view
we are able to look ahead all that is heavy for our mind
and everything that gives us joy

12247046_1647886068792861_4322568263964068131_nThe sun’s warm beams
from last summer fall onto our face
with their cleansing miracle
Oh you wide world
how beautiful the fog is