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Watercolour thoughts

Thornroses Reflextions on the rock that disappeared You get used to seeing your neighbours – every day. They become part of your life. I am happy for good neighbourship. This summer I had to say goodbye to a good neighbour: The rock that disappeared our of my sight and my life. It was simply detonated […]

View from The golden house

Grey November! November grey?

It is a statement from long before, in Norway at least, that November is grey. I admit, it rains and the wind blows. It id more tricky to get sight of the colour spectre on such days as this. You better look with your heart than with your eyes. Then you’ll discover many green nuances […]

Kaskader av solstråler

From silent grey to a symphony in red

  Leaves from the memory book A November’s Day can be that varied and multicoloured so we can risk to loose our breath. In fact, grey days in between give us calmness for the thought. Whilst sitting here, meditating in grey, I hear the raindrops outside my studio window playing their prelude. My mind is […]

Munch 150 år - Bjørg, Åsmund, Arthur, Veslemøy Hedvig og Solveig var med på feiringa!

Ny verd!

For to to timar sidan la eg inn min første BLOGG nokonsinne Kven hadde trudd for 68 år sidan, då eg vart fødd, at eg skulle kome så langt i verda? Eg har lært så mykje om lærdom, at eg veit det er lurt å repetere, så no prøver eg på eit nytt innlegg på […]