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Close to turning into a new calendar

Just before the belles chime for the New Year … A new year has announced its coming… new-year’s resolution? I recon not…. I am old enough to remember that such promises were difficult … something went wrong and some items became awkward… while some thing went very well…. And I am young enough to hope […]

Mid Christmas and New Year 3

In these days of counting your stock…. 17 years ago I said farewell to my job. I wanted to try out other talents than teaching. I met with many a challenge and many a joy. In this my new life I also met some bodies in the official administration.  I had to handle some bodies […]

Mid Christmas and New Year 2

The house at the roadside The days between Christmas and New Years is named ‘The room- Christmas’… It is a time with tranquility and calm life…. thoughts to the future as well as to the past….. to what  w a s  …… People whom I met with alongside the road…… who set traces after them…… […]

Christmas Joy 2

Bethlehem in Africa or Norway….. A shepherd went out to his outfields to watch over his lamb and rejoiced over the angels in the high grass …the anglels sang and peace was with him The herald angels once sang or those shepherds past with glorious tones touching their souls   og folket gjekk for å […]

Advent waits 24

From 24ooo ft ….hight…. One of my strongest ‘before-Christmas’ memories…time in reverse to Anno Domini 1964…  will always stay in my memory. Bardufoss Air Port… I was on the ‘Christmas plane’ on my way home after half a year’s work as a teacher in Elvetun school. The Norse Norway Winter was dark and magnificent. Many […]

Advent waits 23

Light over land…. ‘solstice for the troubled hearts…… how wonderfully different the whole nature gets a change with a small glimpse of sun. The life giving sun…. the magical light over the fjord and fjell (mountain). The Overall reaching Nature…. We crave for some beams of sun in The winter dark…… only a little shaft. […]

Advent waits 7

Sunrise in your mind The December days are for reflextion. The whole worlsd is white. It is snowing from above, from underneath and sideways. When you have sight not further than to the neighbour, when the fjord is hidden and the mountains behind are only in your memory…strange how clear the thoughts become… ….    […]

Advent waits 6

Multitude Du, kor kjedeleg ei verd..Imagine we all were alike! What a boring world…. But similarities there are, surely: we all want to save the world, and think we can do so, og to make the small difference, wish to creap into ourselves and even be sullen a little while…. and what about ‘I know […]

Advent wait 4

Angel’s dance I wished for snow and snow, new fallen in between, and I wanted for the snow to cower complete all the meadows, so that all reminders of Summer or Spring were gone! I did not like even one grass straw showing up. Towards the late Autumn when the thermometer mostly showed ‘below zero’ […]

Advent waits 4

Angel dance and angel snow We wanted snow and snow as long as the eyes could see, and new snow to fall, inbetween…., and it shound cover everything that could remind of other times of the year, not even a grass straw…..Towards late autumn when the temperature fell, I added a sentence to my evening […]