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Advent waits 3

When angels are jumping loops Angels know everything. Sing. Dance. Give you a warm embrace – without arms. Jump in loops- foreward as well as backwards. The even know how to be naughty; but they are never doing bad things to each other, like mobbing. That is not angel like…in any way… Think…if we could […]

Advent wait

…and they saw his star in the east…. The mightiest starry sky I have ever seen was on the 31.December 1998. We were in our cabin ‘Solbjargr’ high up in the mountain in Gol. It was my first time to really see and understand this phenomenon ‘The Milky Way’. As we turned into Anno Domine […]

Advent waits 2

And they saw His star in East…. The mightiest starry sky I ever saw, was December 31 in 1998, at Solbjargr, our cabin in Gol mountain. It was the first time ever I really saw and understood The Milky Way…. as we entered the ‘Year of the Lord’ 1999 we stood outside with children and […]

Advent waits 1

Expectations Before Christmas, when I was a little girl, in a tiny little village in Norway inland – midst the tight woods – dark evenings with stars and snow upon…. expectation – Christmas Eve is so far away. I believe nobody could be as impatient as me…  I counted days, many times a day. Christmas […]