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Continuing story … Chapter 2

The Queen of Foxgloves! Never had I seen foxgloves before I moved to the West. The white variant stands for me like a queen among the foxglovesHo er rein og skjær, nobel og opphøgd. She keeps herself a little aside from her ‘fellow men’, but she does not hold herself too fine to grow in […]

The unnoticeable turning point

Then… it has happened again… This year it happened on the 17th February…. a cold and eastern wind  day… wind from east is cold here in Sogn. Last year it happened on another date, maybe… and in another kind of wether…. unnoticeable… once or another while in the daytime….. I stop in the middle of […]

With blank canvas….

The blank canvas… the new day A clean, white, empty canvas lies in front of me… I have planned what to fill it with and I want it to be a masterpiece; …before my inner eyes it  i s  already! The motif and all the lines are there. Every colour has got the right grade […]

A little push upwards

 The big difference Some times when you are mountain hiking, and really tough uphills, like often here in the west…. it is good with a helping hand. Some years ago, I had some hardships with my body, knees and hips, it made me old before the time. It  was in the Autumn and three sweet […]

Akvarell i fjell (Watercolour in mountains)

Climbing a mountain Great excitement at new climbing: Storehesten (mountain) upwards …and down again. ‘Fjellvettreglar’ (‘Guiding rules for safe walk in the mountains’ for watercolourists does not excist. ‘The road is made as you are walking’ is the first item. So comes the weather conditions… they have a big impact on what colours to use…. […]

The Twelfth Night

Christmas Joy far into the New Year… … it possible?… It is so easy to be expectant in the Advent time. We are sort of programmed to be happy at Christmas.The New Year’s joy is an explosion of hilarious happiness. And thereafter the ‘grey’ days are coming……Then you have to dig deep to find the […]

Anno Domini 2014

New year…. Those two words contains a universe of possibilities. Christmas is soon over.. the Christmas tree is still standing with lit candles, shining glitter and the star on top….all good words from the holy time, all good deeds and intensions have given us new energy. Good moods, good whiles and moments…alone or with family […]