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'Klåre vinter' Vindreken ved Esefjorden

More mountains

‘Have you seen one, you have seen them all’ (heard spoken while viewing mountains at the Sognefjord!) Some years ago I exhibited together with the Norwegian photographer Johan Brun. He brought some pictures from a prvious exhibition named ‘more mountains’ … This title spoke to me and has followed me later…. Norwegian songs …many of […]

To move boundaries

Merkesteinar Merkesteinar har ein heilt spesielt definert funksjon (nedst på sida:’open me’). I denne samanhengen legger vi eit meir symbolsk innhald… ein stein som står for ei anna tid, å overskride ei grense i ditt eige sinn ….. ein overgang til ein annan sinnstilstand. Å gje seg ut på ein pilegrimssti…du går for rekreasjon, naturoppleving, […]

Nearly to the top

 Well begun…. half done and a bit more…  … I so dearly want  the flowers to climb in the mountain rock like they really did! A foxglove grew out from a crack in the gneiss.The bird’s foot trefoil crept over the ditch of the roadside underneath the steep mountain wall….The butterflies landed on the delicate […]

Pilgrim amongst Sculptures of Nature

Pine forest with a soul The pine barrens from my childhood villige … for me is connected to mysticism. It was early autumns on Saturdays. We (Mum!) made lunch pack with warm chocolate in a thermos bottle. The adults brought with them coffee … it smelled deliciously but tasted horrible! It did not look like […]

Programme for Pilgrim Progress Balestrand July 29. 2014

Programme 28th July Guests gradually arriving Balestrand and finding their lodging places In the evening: Welcoming assembling with concert, film and information 29th July Pilgrimage wandering to Kvamsøy Pilgrimage service in Kvamsøy church Seremony of Unveiling the sculpture ‘The Worry Tree’ and Blessing the ‘Worry Tree House’ 30th July Pilgrimage wandering to Tjuatoten mountain Ceremony at […]

A pilgrim is one who wanders in foreign land and terrain

We all wish to be part of a fellowship A fellowship… a group of people working towards a joint goal… The goal is important for a good fellowship. All are equally important and worthful…… all can use their talents… and everybody gets support from everybody… Utopia?? We have to believe is is possible to have […]

29. July 2014…

Welcome to Balestrand! It is a great honour and joy to wish you welcome to the very first pilgimage in Balestrand. This idea was born 12 years back in time, so it is now become a teenager. On time to send the one out into the world! Will you join us? If your interest is […]

Over bridges and through gates

Bridges and gates are some quite special items… So… now Jørgen and his men will make a  gate in the fence from the ‘outer’ ground to the area closer to the farm…. and a path the will lead the pilgrim to a silent while on the hill … There one can feel the connection with […]

Oh, you light in the forest…

‘Good and suitable weather’ Such read the parish clark as part of the prayer as an opening of every sunday service… I remember from my childhood church in Flå, Hallingdal. Now, these day we have had that suitable weather… for the ‘boys’ working with clearing the trace for the pilgrimage path. The picture above …. […]

So much is happening in our small hamlets

The Oak of a thousand years The big pilgrimage destinations, such as Mekka, Jesusalem, Santiago de Compostela, Cavadonga, Iona….have got much in common concerning the wandering path itself… there are sculptures, crosses or other ‘marks’ at the roadsides. The pilgrimage path from the centre of Balestrand to Kvamsøy has got one item in particular; a […]