Archive | April, 2014

Warm evening sun….

Through the Pilgrimage path An evenung walk on the pilgrimage path…. wondrous nature never seasing to surprise….. always giving new energy, again and again….. Our only duty is to come to meeting with it and walk…. I went for a walk on the path it was quiet around me some places stony moss carpet in-between the […]

Advent waits 10

The twilight hour After Mandela’s death a whole world have written and talked and given memory speeches  about what a big man he was. Mandela is now sitting together with the other angels… looking upon their children… wondering… what now…. They will be singing in rejoice if they see more than words………… What is our […]

Welcome to test the Pilgrimage path!

Red ribbons through the forests! Four point four kilometre path is winding its way through the area called Målsnes forests……. The path is good for your foot to thread on. Quite a lot of trees were in the way and had to be cut down. Stumblestones are made into steps to make it easy to […]

Thoughts in the rain

The wondrous drops A rainy day like this… thinking back to childhood Summer’s days. They were always filled with sunshine! ‘When Summer was sun’ is the title of one of my paintings; memories from Summer’s flower fields, blueberry tours! Rainy weather did not belong to life in those days, they were not in the calculation. […]