Watercolour and roadsides

The edge of the roadside hides big secrets , just bow down a little…..

The Birdsfoot trefoil impresses me! She fears nothing. She grows in locations where  you would not believe she could survive: In the road ditches she lights up in brilliantly yellow, somtimes she creeps underneath the wide mantle of Lady Mary, but mostly she is quite unprotected. She dears to go over on to  the road itself. You little silly trusty thing! She is  exposed both to man’s boot and car’s wheel. She is not far behind the Dandelion in strength and courage. Being so bright and beautiful she is nearly a danger for the traffic. But don’t tell the Road authorities, then they come with some chemicals….

but not shy
is she – this little Tiril

.. and we go out to meet the Day
wondering of small wonders..

..I wish us all a good day..

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