Pilgrimage to Tjuatoten

1098 meter over fjorden Med fritt utsyn til sju kongerike står vi på platået der Tjuatoten er høgast. Eg har klatra til toppen før, men denne gongen er spesiell: Vi finn KROSSEN! Vi fekk den finaste haustdagen vi kunne ønske oss, klår haustsol med varme er ikkje daglegdags. Tett granskog og lyse bjørkelier; blåbær, krekling […]

To make a colourful day

The crayons box The word has its own sound in my mind; it gives associations to warm summer’s days, blossoming fields, Christmas Eve with candles and stars…… A life with no colours is impossible. I would have got abstinent without the daily colour palette. I remember every ‘first day of school’ … best from the […]

Watercolour and roadsides

The edge of the roadside hides big secrets , just bow down a little….. The Birdsfoot trefoil impresses me! She fears nothing. She grows in locations where  you would not believe she could survive: In the road ditches she lights up in brilliantly yellow, somtimes she creeps underneath the wide mantle of Lady Mary, but […]

Bjørg’s hiking

Per ardua ad astra Through hard work to the stars ‘The big horse’ is among the favourites of my mountains. To reach the top with the paintbrush is hard work. The goal is to get to the top through a new watercolour before the New year’s eve. Will you be my companion to the top?

Climbing in watercolours

The watercolour is climbing, together with me, and slowly, but steadily, we’re getting there….. To belong to, to be part of a wider context, is good and important. For me the watercolour is part of life. In the watercolour lies many words, some without connection, some go together into a meaningfulness. A story. About life […]

Wait and keep waiting…

The waiting, together with many, give a new dimension to the day. Much interesting might come out of vaiting in a queue. We hae got a shared goal, which joins us together in a special way. We know what we have ahead – we wanted to see Edvard Munch. But what we did not know, […]

Continuing watercolour thoughts

The queen of Foxgloves! Never had I seen foxgloves until I moved to Vest Norway. Now, after 40 years, they are part of my summer. The white version, ‘Digitalis grandiflora’, for me stands like a queen among the foxgloves. She is noble and sheer, tender and delicate. She keeps herself a little away from her […]

Watercolour thoughts

Thornroses Reflextions on the rock that disappeared You get used to seeing your neighbours – every day. They become part of your life. I am happy for good neighbourship. This summer I had to say goodbye to a good neighbour: The rock that disappeared our of my sight and my life. It was simply detonated […]

View from The golden house

Grey November! November grey?

It is a statement from long before, in Norway at least, that November is grey. I admit, it rains and the wind blows. It id more tricky to get sight of the colour spectre on such days as this. You better look with your heart than with your eyes. Then you’ll discover many green nuances […]

Kaskader av solstråler

From silent grey to a symphony in red

  Leaves from the memory book A November’s Day can be that varied and multicoloured so we can risk to loose our breath. In fact, grey days in between give us calmness for the thought. Whilst sitting here, meditating in grey, I hear the raindrops outside my studio window playing their prelude. My mind is […]