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Advent waits 6

Multitude Imagine we all were alike! What a boring world…. But similarities there are, surely: we all want to save the world, and think we can do so, og to make the small difference, wish to creap into ourselves and even be sullen a little while…. and what about ‘I know the best’ ‘……’would so […]

Soon the great day is here…

… this year like last year… on St.Olav’s Day 29th July 29th Juli St. Olav received his death wound at Stiklestad 986 years ago. In expectation of  the 1000 year indication we will wander the pilgrimage path for the third year on a row. We look forward to the day with great expectations. It will […]

In sorrow and joy

Life in the light Life amazingly fragile beautiful like a spider’s web sun drops on the threads thousands of drops colourful glittering some short moments it stays with us but the memories shine with gold

The eleventh Day of Christmas

Oh, you sacred everyday… I like ‘everydays’ teh best, from I was a child. On Sundays we were not allowed to use scissors…and me and my paper dolls..!!.I loved creating new dresses and then I needed to cut them out….! or make embroidery or knit….. And not at all use the sowing machine!…so all the […]

The light in the grey cold

Light over land A cold, e really grey cold winter’s day not the tiniest sun glimpse the clouds lay layer on layer yet in different shades of grey they lay so tightly together that even not a  millimetre of sun was let through It is hard to get through these winters… Just a day like […]

The past and the future is right in this moment

Whom are we? Some times I am lost in thoughts. When I change the calendar they are deeper… What has made me into the person I am… otherways than the outlook? The genes are my heritage from forefathers and -mothers, and they have made me a tine the  lopsided body, the left ear a little […]

Anno Domine 2016

The gate to the new year Here they are lying before you all the colours we may choose the one we wish for every single day If the day is grey there are happy colours on the palette If the day is sad pick sunny colours  If the day is filled with laughter you might […]

The last day of the year

Before a new millennium under ‘The Milky way’   A memory from 1999 comes before me, as strong as every new year’s eve. In our winter cottage with cildren and grandchildren. High up in the mountain with frost and snow. The sky was clear and dark and full of stars. Some strong and bright, some […]

‘Romjul’ The days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve

The silent room Happy feast with light and laughter golden angels, stars, with Christmas carols and cantatas we have been seated around set tables with children and grandchildren and rejoiced in the Christmas evangelium Downton ‘Christmas special’ We have given and received presents felt happiness with both We have been happy baking cakes sheep rib, […]

Good old days’ Christmas

A snapshot of 1957 Christmas Eve meal was pork ribs and sour cabbage, like in many homes in east Norway. My mother made delicious sauce, and I was happy to eat only potatoes and sauce! Homemade ice cream, frozen in the snow was heavenly and the washing up of the dishes was quickly done. One […]