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There is a shine over silent villages

Christmas carols year round Do you belong to those who gladly would sing Christmas carols all year? Here you find me. When I was a choir director for the local choir, I brought forth the music for our Christmas carols from early in the autumn. I heard som grumbling in the bass group …  ‘we […]

Advent waiting with the poet Prøysen

The history behind a Christmas card ‘Julekveldsvisa’ The carol of Christmas Eve’ has followed many of us since we were children. During my first years as a watercolour painter my motives were for a period special, old houses. From wanderings in the ‘old houses’ street ‘Øyragata’ in Lærdal, my heart felt for one particular house. […]

Advent waiting together with the Nobility

Christmas caroling at the home of the elderly The village choir – this year like last year – ‘is singing Christmas carols for the old folks. The village choir – this year like every year – is singing Christmas carols for the old folks. As we stood there singing ‘Oh come, let us follow the star up […]

Waiting in Advent ….. with some thoughts …..

The Day is turning into night light after light is being switched off soon it is going to sleep – the village But … look …  every house has got a shining star over the roof just like in the carol  ….a good night they need after all their work in the day and before […]

‘Advent wait’ thoughts in the fog

December the first…. From when I was a little child I had a special feeling for ‘December the first’ , it was the Christmas month! Here today it is not much that reminds of the December with the ingredients from childhood winter: White angles, frozen river and snow clad evergreen forests. A dense fog is […]

Advent waits 11

The Christmas letter The Christmas cookies were ready to be carefully laid into the cake boxes, with decorations like the The og lagde i kakeboksane, ein med nisse på og ein med juletre og nek og fuglar. Så var det tid for julevasken… ein utriveleg dag med grønnsåpe og salmiakklukt over heile huset. Alle bildene var […]

Advent waits 10

The twilight hour After Mandela’s death a whole world have written and talked and given memory speeches  about what a big man he was. Mandela is now sitting together with the other angels… looking upon their children… wondering… what now…. They will be singing in rejoice if they see more than words………… What is our […]

Adventvent 9

Eld ved kveld Etter krigen var det manko på mykje; mor var glad då ho fekk kjøpt ein heil stuv med ullstoff: tettvove og tjukt…. gråbeige….tenk det! Mor sydde kjeledress til meg og bukser og jakker til storebrørne mine…i minst tre omgangar. Vi var godt kledde for basing i snøen, renne på ski eller kjelke. […]

'Klåre vinter' Vindreken ved Esefjorden

More mountains

‘Have you seen one, you have seen them all’ (heard spoken while viewing mountains at the Sognefjord!) Some years ago I exhibited together with the Norwegian photographer Johan Brun. He brought some pictures from a prvious exhibition named ‘more mountains’ … This title spoke to me and has followed me later…. Norwegian songs …many of […]

Nearly to the top

 Well begun…. half done and a bit more…  … I so dearly want  the flowers to climb in the mountain rock like they really did! A foxglove grew out from a crack in the gneiss.The bird’s foot trefoil crept over the ditch of the roadside underneath the steep mountain wall….The butterflies landed on the delicate […]