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An historic event!

15th April Anno Domine 2014 The very first Pilgrimage in Balestrand… in modern time. We wanted to try out and test the path. Exciting! Would they become as enchanted as we are? After the first few steps I became at peace; they were with! They saw and took in the wondrous God’s nature… saw that […]

Warm evening sun….

Through the Pilgrimage path An evenung walk on the pilgrimage path…. wondrous nature never seasing to surprise….. always giving new energy, again and again….. Our only duty is to come to meeting with it and walk…. I went for a walk on the path it was quiet around me some places stony moss carpet in-between the […]

Welcome to test the Pilgrimage path!

Red ribbons through the forests! Four point four kilometre path is winding its way through the area called Målsnes forests……. The path is good for your foot to thread on. Quite a lot of trees were in the way and had to be cut down. Stumblestones are made into steps to make it easy to […]

Thoughts in the rain

The wondrous drops A rainy day like this… thinking back to childhood Summer’s days. They were always filled with sunshine! ‘When Summer was sun’ is the title of one of my paintings; memories from Summer’s flower fields, blueberry tours! Rainy weather did not belong to life in those days, they were not in the calculation. […]

Pilgrimage Balestrand 29th July 2014

Programme It is a great honour for us, as the founders of pilgrimage Balestrand, to invite you to the very first Pilgrimage wandering, Olsok 2014! (‘Olsok’ is the old mass day for St. Olav, our patron saint from the catholic time. Many of these saints’s mass days we still celebrate.) This is an historical event, […]

Inner strength

Move mountains The help of sherpas would have been great here! Parts of the path have been callenging, indeed; some places the only possible trasee has been too steep to climb! I thought to myself; I had read about sherpas in ta neighbour village; If we only could have got them here. So I  thought […]

Pilgrim path with great sights

Some small rain drops greeted us on the road… …they were not followed by so many others….. warm weather… Now was the day and time for survey and some meditation on the pilgrim path! They have been clearing and together with Jørgen investigated about where the best trace would be …… Today Ingvar and Arthur […]

To move boundaries

Merkesteinar Merkesteinar har ein heilt spesielt definert funksjon (nedst på sida:’open me’). I denne samanhengen legger vi eit meir symbolsk innhald… ein stein som står for ei anna tid, å overskride ei grense i ditt eige sinn ….. ein overgang til ein annan sinnstilstand. Å gje seg ut på ein pilegrimssti…du går for rekreasjon, naturoppleving, […]

Pilgrim amongst Sculptures of Nature

Pine forest with a soul The pine barrens from my childhood villige … for me is connected to mysticism. It was early autumns on Saturdays. We (Mum!) made lunch pack with warm chocolate in a thermos bottle. The adults brought with them coffee … it smelled deliciously but tasted horrible! It did not look like […]

Programme for Pilgrim Progress Balestrand July 29. 2014

Programme 28th July Guests gradually arriving Balestrand and finding their lodging places In the evening: Welcoming assembling with concert, film and information 29th July Pilgrimage wandering to Kvamsøy Pilgrimage service in Kvamsøy church Seremony of Unveiling the sculpture ‘The Worry Tree’ and Blessing the ‘Worry Tree House’ 30th July Pilgrimage wandering to Tjuatoten mountain Ceremony at […]