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A pilgrim is one who wanders in foreign land and terrain

We all wish to be part of a fellowship A fellowship… a group of people working towards a joint goal… The goal is important for a good fellowship. All are equally important and worthful…… all can use their talents… and everybody gets support from everybody… Utopia?? We have to believe is is possible to have […]

29. July 2014…

Welcome to Balestrand! It is a great honour and joy to wish you welcome to the very first pilgimage in Balestrand. This idea was born 12 years back in time, so it is now become a teenager. On time to send the one out into the world! Will you join us? If your interest is […]

Over bridges and through gates

Bridges and gates are some quite special items… So… now Jørgen and his men will make a  gate in the fence from the ‘outer’ ground to the area closer to the farm…. and a path the will lead the pilgrim to a silent while on the hill … There one can feel the connection with […]

Oh, you light in the forest…

‘Good and suitable weather’ Such read the parish clark as part of the prayer as an opening of every sunday service… I remember from my childhood church in Flå, Hallingdal. Now, these day we have had that suitable weather… for the ‘boys’ working with clearing the trace for the pilgrimage path. The picture above …. […]

So much is happening in our small hamlets

The Oak of a thousand years The big pilgrimage destinations, such as Mekka, Jesusalem, Santiago de Compostela, Cavadonga, Iona….have got much in common concerning the wandering path itself… there are sculptures, crosses or other ‘marks’ at the roadsides. The pilgrimage path from the centre of Balestrand to Kvamsøy has got one item in particular; a […]

A great day!

4th February is a great day! To make a pilgrimage path … that is really a huge task! W have got many staring days in this project of ours. Today is the start of the preparing of a new parcell of the pilgrimage path…… the one that is leading the wanderer on to the really […]

Measuring land om Kvamsøy island

Great day for pilgrims! – 22nd November 2013 Everu possible and impossible official bodies have said ‘yes’ (or not said ‘no’) to us building a little chapel for the ‘Worry tree’ on a ground on the island Kvamsøy. Inger Johanne and Bjarne Hjartholm, the property owners have all the time been positive to the project, […]

Pilgrimage to Tjuatoten

1098 meter over fjorden Med fritt utsyn til sju kongerike står vi på platået der Tjuatoten er høgast. Eg har klatra til toppen før, men denne gongen er spesiell: Vi finn KROSSEN! Vi fekk den finaste haustdagen vi kunne ønske oss, klår haustsol med varme er ikkje daglegdags. Tett granskog og lyse bjørkelier; blåbær, krekling […]