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An historic event!

15th April Anno Domine 2014 The very first Pilgrimage in Balestrand… in modern time. We wanted to try out and test the path. Exciting! Would they become as enchanted as we are? After the first few steps I became at peace; they were with! They saw and took in the wondrous God’s nature… saw that […]

Warm evening sun….

Through the Pilgrimage path An evenung walk on the pilgrimage path…. wondrous nature never seasing to surprise….. always giving new energy, again and again….. Our only duty is to come to meeting with it and walk…. I went for a walk on the path it was quiet around me some places stony moss carpet in-between the […]

So much is happening in our small hamlets

The Oak of a thousand years The big pilgrimage destinations, such as Mekka, Jesusalem, Santiago de Compostela, Cavadonga, Iona….have got much in common concerning the wandering path itself… there are sculptures, crosses or other ‘marks’ at the roadsides. The pilgrimage path from the centre of Balestrand to Kvamsøy has got one item in particular; a […]