Mid Christmas and New Year 2

The house at the roadside

The days between Christmas and New Years is named ‘The room- Christmas’… It is a time with tranquility and calm life…. thoughts to the future as well as to the past….. to what  w a s  …… People whom I met with alongside the road…… who set traces after them…… those who went before us and gave us some lunchpacks for the travelling….they gave us a heritage to cultivate….gave us a wealth bigger than gold coins in a chest….

There are houses at the roadside
with fire heat inside
Come in
sit down a while
put your shoes under the oven
it is cold in the hallway
Heartwarm folk
have got a chair for everyone
young ones and older
Food for the body
Food for the soul
richly poored
She knows what is needed for the day
has knowledge and understanding for the most
gives out from a well
from life and tradition
but mostly from the everlasting heart well
that overflows
and gives spirit for us all

…in deep joy and gratitude for the meeting….