To make a colourful day

The crayons box

The word has its own sound in my mind; it gives associations to warm summer’s days, blossoming fields, Christmas Eve with candles and stars…… A life with no colours is impossible. I would have got abstinent without the daily colour palette. I remember every ‘first day of school’ … best from the ’empty’ timetable where we were writing neatly every subject in their squares. It was a sacred time when The Teacher read up: First lesson: Bible knowledge….. Second lesson: Norwegian….. very much similar from year to year, but every time as thrillingly exiting….. and then: New crayons! ‘KEMA’ was the brand; eight  different colours. They lay elegantly on corrugated cardboard from white and the whole spectre towards black…  Glorious colours for joyous children. The only annoying was the lack of colour for human skin. White was useless! But otherwise the schooldays were happy! Our teacher loved drawing and painting, he himself, so he gave us many possibilities to use the crayons in other subjects than the specific drawing lessons. The most magnificent present I got in my childhood, was a Derventer crayon box with 24 different colour pencils…. and one of them was a skin coloured one! Oh you blessedness!

Your day
 is here and now
Is it grey
colour it with intuition and brilliance

Is the day light
store the light for heavy days

Is the day cold
get warmth from the sun beams of Yesterday

In every day is hidden
a shaft of light