29. July 2014…

Welcome to Balestrand!

It is a great honour and joy to wish you welcome to the very first pilgimage in Balestrand. This idea was born 12 years back in time, so it is now become a teenager. On time to send the one out into the world! Will you join us? If your interest is caught, set the date in your agenda already now! To get new information and be updated…follow the ‘Pilgrimage news’ under the www.detgylnehus.no…..  Many pieces are to be organised… but so fare we are on the scedule!
Whom are a pilgrimage wanderer?… If we take a broad view of the matter; we are all of us pilgrims…life itself is a pilgrimage.  We have all… once in our lifetime… need of stopping…for one or two days, one or four weeks… and go in to the silent room. Such a room might be ‘nature’.
Our pilgrimage is going on in a very special sort of nature…. with connection to fjord, mountains and pieces of great historical and spiritual worths. It is like a complete oasis…. and we have tried to arrange oasises into the oases….in order to give your soul and mind and body a refill….. according to your needs….

20131027_124905Nature medicine
Nature is there
waiting for you
until you discover it
Nature comes
to a meeting with you

with all its fragrances and scents
Nature comes
with peace for your mind

harmony for your soul
There is blessing in every sigh
healing in every air movement
Is this what you call nature medicine?

[box type=»info» style=»rounded» border=»full»]Pilgrim. The word comes from ‘peregrino’ and referres to a person who is in foreign land… to be humble wandering with open senses and without predisposed attitude. You will be meeting with omeone… maybe… as well as meeting with yourself in a new way…[/box]

[box style=»rounded» border=»full»]More information is already available under our website …link to http://www.detgylnehus.no/en/pilgrimage-balestrand-project/[/box]

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Wander out!
You were born for wandering.
wander  out!
There is somebody you should meet.
Where? Whom?
You don’t know it yet –
maybe yourself?

Go out!
Your steps will be your words-
the path your song,
your tiredness your prayers –
and in the end – when all is past
your inner tranquility will speak to you.

Go out!
Alone or together with others –
but come out of your self!
You had rivals –
you will find friends and companions.
You met enemies –
you will find brothers and sisters.

Go out!
Your head don’t know
to where your feet will bring your heart.

Go out!
You were born for the road –
the road of the pilgrim.
Somebody will come to meet you –
search for you
so that you can find Him in all the Holy
at the end of the road –
in the deepest of your heart.
He is your peace!
He is your joy!

God is already wandering
together with you.

Translated byGunnar Siqveland to Norweagian
Translated from there to English by Bjørg Bjøberg