Advent wait

…and they saw his star in the east….

The mightiest starry sky I have ever seen was on the 31.December 1998. We were in our cabin ‘Solbjargr’ high up in the mountain in Gol. It was my first time to really see and understand this phenomenon ‘The Milky Way’. As we turned into Anno Domine 1999 .. in this cold wintry night… we were in unity with the myriades…. we took part in the big wholeness. We are wandering together in ‘The Winter Way’…

Our small candles for advent celebration are like stars in the night. Imagine we could look at all the small candles beeing lit all around in our tiny little country! We are together …. just now….

Understand The Milky Way?
It will always be a wandering in wondering
here underneath the myriades