A great day!

4th February is a great day!

To make a pilgrimage path … that is really a huge task! W have got many staring days in this project of ours. Today is the start of the preparing of a new parcell of the pilgrimage path…… the one that is leading the wanderer on to the really old village road towards Kvamsøy….. that one  i s  there … ready to tread the foot to wander on. The ‘trefoil leaf’ Jørgen Hundseth, Ingvar Åberge and Arthur Adamson have now started on the path finding and creating. Jørgen and Ingvar went out some days ago in order to mark the trace, put red ribbons on branches. Today Ingvar and Arthur are out there with motor saw and machete. The path has to ‘join’ with the nature to be good for walking. The ground has to ‘fit with the boots’…. Small adjustments…. some stones are nice to tread on, while others you have to stay clear of. As little break into the nature as possible…… 
The forest is full of trees, all are beautiful and some quite special… We will name them ‘mark trees’ and make a little sitting area with benches… for resting and reflection….. Some trees are unique!.. One of the most special trees in this area is ‘The Oak of a Thousand Years’ About which I will write a special blog… This one is to tell that we are ‘on the go’…. much work is still to do….. but I tell you: There is much behind us, as well….

Soft tones
i meet you
in the morning dew

Catch a melody
to take with you
on the wandering
out into the day



[box type=»note» style=»rounded» border=»full»]Pilegrimsled is a hiking road, a path or a road that leads to a destination of special religious/christian character/ In the ‘Pilgrimage Balestrand’ the Kvamsøy island and the little medieval church is one of the goals. Look up the link: http://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilegrimsleden[/box]