Advent wait 4

Angel’s dance

I wished for snow and snow, new fallen in between, and I wanted for the snow to cower complete all the meadows, so that all reminders of Summer or Spring were gone! I did not like even one grass straw showing up. Towards the late Autumn when the thermometer mostly showed ‘below zero’ one question was added to my Evening prayer: ‘Can’t you let it snow tomorrow?’. If he waited till November with strewing the first snow over the meadows,…. not fair! A good sign it was when the river got a mantle of ice!….. Then one morning the world was white!…. If the big happening happened to be in the evening…. towards the twilight hour….it nearly turned into a Christmas carol…..

We were angels in the snow
when we were small children
We lay in the cold soft snow
…..the best was new-fallen
like an ironed blanket…..
and made angels in thousands
with wings with ribbons
Then we rose carefully
stepped aside as far as we could…
must not destroy the dress….
jumped from angel to angel
and created an angel’s dance in the snow room

Best thing of all was to lay down
in the angels’ ring
and look into the dark blue sky
and saw the heaven behind
… we knew for certain….