Advent waits 23

Light over land….

‘solstice for the troubled hearts……
how wonderfully different the whole nature gets a change with a small glimpse of sun. The life giving sun…. the magical light over the fjord and fjell (mountain). The Overall reaching Nature…. We crave for some beams of sun in The winter dark…… only a little shaft. The colour spectre is changing…..every single colour gets a wealth of nuances, green is not only green any longer, blue not only blue…… The light of Creation give warmth……. for us to give further to our fellow men….. to reflect to our round earth…..

New light
I am stopped
in my daily walk
and see the world from another angle
Sunshine over snow clad rocks
give another light
the world becomes softer
the blue winter’s fjord
get a golden blue shade
the shadows underneath The Ese Mountains
sing a new melody
and I go into the new day
with awe