Advent waits 6


Du, kor kjedeleg ei verd..Imagine we all were alike! What a boring world…. But similarities there are, surely: we all want to save the world, and think we can do so, og to make the small difference, wish to creap into ourselves and even be sullen a little while…. and what about ‘I know the best’ ‘……’would so dearly want to …..’ whom of us haven’t said or been thinking so….. The ideal world we will never obtain, but we can make the best out of the raw material…., and the advent time is a time for good reflexion…so; come on and join for the good, this is for you…..

For you
…who are warm and reflective,
spreading joy and being ground-breaking,
proud and humble, wild and meak,
intellectual and sensitive;
have a heart for moods,
searching for silence and experiences,
are inspiring and curious listening….
….do you recognise yourself

….then you have got much to share and to give…