Akvarell i fjell (Watercolour in mountains)

Climbing a mountain

[box type=»info» style=»rounded» border=»full»]Akvarell is for me the only medium for artistic interpretation of a motive, be naturalistic or more of an abstract version. The play of the colours, the various shades have always fascinated me from I made my very first uncertain brush strokes. Little by little I have learned to dance with the brush, learned to make the right amount of paint and water….and most important, I have learned that it is still a long, long way to go…..[/box]

Great excitement at new climbing: Storehesten (mountain) upwards …and down again. ‘Fjellvettreglar’ (‘Guiding rules for safe walk in the mountains’ for watercolourists does not excist. ‘The road is made as you are walking’ is the first item. So comes the weather conditions… they have a big impact on what colours to use…. But the point in the rules dealing about ‘it is never too late to turn’ ….hm… no, not by any means…. After so many preparations, fome selection of the angles, the size, the mood…. and not the leasr ‘walked’ the path with a pencil; to turn is no alternative! I have to go to the top! One day or one week og even one month, it does not matter!….It is good to meet other people on the path, but in the most difficult sections, you need compete silence and peace…. But then: Meet you on the top!

Storehesten detalj

   There is always
   a way up
   from the deepest cliff
   and the higher
you reach

   the more
   you will see
   of the blue
  heavenly sky



[box type=»tick» style=»rounded» border=»full»]Kvamshesten, 1209 metre is one of the highest mountains between Førdefjorden and Dalsfjorden in Sunnfjord. The marked profile that raises steeply from the landscape around, especially …seen from south…be similar to a horse’s body.. Locally in  Sunnfjord the mountain is named The big horse, it is the highest of many mountains with a horse name in this district.[/box]From the first time I ‘discovered’ Storehesten, this mountain has fascinated me. The lines, the light and the shadows in the front, the multicoloured rock are always in changing…. Sun, rain, Spring and Winter…. the mountain have got so many facetswhere it majestically show up towards the sky. It eill forever have a place in my heart, and I would so dearly want to call it mine. But I have to stand behind in the queue…and it is OK…..as long as I own a bit of this monument!….

*) In Norwegian we have one word for heaven and sky: ‘himmel’