An historic event!

15th April Anno Domine 2014

The very first Pilgrimage in Balestrand… in modern time. We wanted to try out and test the path. Exciting! Would they become as enchanted as we are? After the first few steps I became at peace; they were with! They saw and took in the wondrous God’s nature… saw that here He had really been strewing out from His generous hand… 

Lage stistones
birds’ twittering
the frog pond
pine barren
spruce forest
pine needles
dry knolls and crags
the stone steps
the bobbling brooks
The old Road bits
the moss carpet
leaves from years before


In the end we all agreed on: It had been The good Pilgrimage!

We are filled with gratitude and admiration to Jørgen, Arthur, Erik, Ingvar and students from Sygna for the good work they have done to find the good trasee, clear and make even the path… we had a strong sensation of their hands’ work; and that this is a deed with brain and heart as well! We are looking foreword to guiding ‘all people’ on this Pilgrimage….