Anno Domini 2014

New year….

Those two words contains a universe of possibilities. Christmas is soon over.. the Christmas tree is still standing with lit candles, shining glitter and the star on top….all good words from the holy time, all good deeds and intensions have given us new energy. Good moods, good whiles and moments…alone or with family and friends… Now we are ready to give content to a whole new year….A.D. 2014. Overwhelmed and quite shaky…..standing at a sea shore in Florida…at rolling hills of Yorkshire….beneath the mighty mountauns of Norway… or simply under our shared deep blue starry sky …….thinking that every single 365 days og 2014 is waiting to be filled….

Where I find inspiration
for my paintings?
From mind
and from heart
from your openminded
from children’s laughter
and their wonderful wondering
from a kind touch
of my friend’s warm hands
from tear drops and dew drops
from speaking flowers and twinkling stars

is just another word
for hard work
with joy

We have all of us our inspired moments and inspirational sources….
We are all part of making a chain, we are all pearls….