Continuing watercolour thoughts

The queen of Foxgloves!

Never had I seen foxgloves until I moved to Vest Norway. Now, after 40 years, they are part of my summer. The white version, ‘Digitalis grandiflora’, for me stands like a queen among the foxgloves. She is noble and sheer, tender and delicate. She keeps herself a little away from her mates, but she holds herself not too fine as to growing in cracks and clefts, or alongside a road, where the soil is poor. We can all take learning from her.
She pours down goods, like drops from a hidden well, deep inside, that is her symbolic secret.


Water drops
rain drops
tear drops
dew drops
many small drops

the water drop cleans the body
the rain drop nourishes grass and flowers
the tear drop cleans the soul
the dew drop purifies the mind
drops for life