Good Friday 2015

sun from east woke the day…

Tre vandrarar… it is Good Friday and most people go up into the mountains to get ‘Easter sun tan’ and challenges from the vast snow. A few of us went for the Pilgrimage wandering in the silent forest alongside the fjord. Yet the group was small, we had a great tour. The path lay there, like last year, with clear signs of being a path for people. Nature spoke to us through the slim tall pine trees, through leaf trees still naked, but here and there seeing signs of green shoots soon to appear. Moss clad stones and dry needle carpet underneath the trees told about the perfect creation for reflection and health. The old noble birch trees and the Viking oak spoke to us ‘small folks’ and told us to use our senses; listen to the breathing of the forest and the birds’ singing while making their nest for their new family. We could read the  written history on the dry pine trunks. How blessed we are to be able to sense and store in our minds and in our hearts, these pearls from the big Creator …..
Thank you for the companyship on the wandering on the Pilgrimage path! Welcome back and join us on the big event, The Balestrand Pilgrimage on 29. July!mqdefault

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