Good Friday wandering on the Pilgrimage path

Do you come with us?

Arthur på GamlevegenIn 2013 the Pilgrimage wandering was a short one, because the path was not completed. In fact, it was The Day the idea of a path in this area was born. Good Friday 2014 was a big event: this was the day for the first pilgrimage ever on the new path, all the way to Kvamsøy island. This year Anno Domine 2015 we want to do the wandering again. This will be the third year, now we are creating a tradition….
The weather forecast is good, good and suitable weather for wandering. If you want to walk together with other pilgrims, you are heartly welcome. We start at 120o.
We hope and pray for a simple and goodwandering. A pilgrimage for reflection and peace.

Award yourself time for thought
for wondering over the universe
give yourself a moment to breathe
amidst the bustling daily lift
find solace during the late evening
to find peace in soul and mind