Good old days’ Christmas

A snapshot of 1957

Christmas Eve meal was pork ribs and sour cabbage, like in many homes in east Norway. My mother made delicious sauce, and I was happy to eat only potatoes and sauce! Homemade ice cream, frozen in the snow was heavenly and the washing up of the dishes was quickly done. One day of the year we were quite eagerly helping our parents with kitchen work… The very last ‘task’ before the ‘big opening ceremony’ was going around the Christmas tree and we sang three songs, that was an unwritten law! 

03And then the presents! I had been waiting a whole year! Here we are sitting, my two brothers, ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’ and I, A quiet time before we switched on the radio at eight o’clock for the special Christmas Eve program. My new dress this year was a national costume;  guess if I was proud!  The pearl embroidery was glittering like a star, and the silver brooch shone together with us all. My brother Odd liked fashion clothes and his hand knitted woolen sweater had a popular 50s’ pattern. Our eldest brother Alf  was already at that time an audiovisual freak, and he was quite proud of his Tandberg tape recorder. He and Odd were ready for recording and we had to be quiet like a mouse;  USB cables were not invented yet! With the microphone close to the radio we got many a good entertaining programs. This time it was a popular programme from NRK, Store Studio. Papa and Mama were sitting quite like in the church. The moment is sacred… or may be they are waiting to see if the self  timer would work! … The Christmas oranges  from America and the winter apples from our garden  are ready in the big fruit tray and Christmas Eve is perfect….