View from The golden house

Grey November! November grey?

It is a statement from long before,
in Norway at least,
that November is grey.

I admit, it rains and the wind blows. It id more tricky to get sight of the colour spectre on such days as this. You better look with your heart than with your eyes. Then you’ll discover many green nuances in the evergreens. It is surprisingly many colours on the fjord, from deep blue tones going on to lilac and to all the varieties of grey: rosy grey, green grey, blue grey and not to forget yellow grey, light grey and egg grey. (I am not certain of how that colour actually looks like, bur surely it is an exiting one!) Further on, you’ll see grey rosy, grey green, grey bluish and grey yellow. Finally, on this rainy day, I will give you grey white. That is my favourite: there you find all the other colours inside.

What a happy,