‘Living stones’ sails out….

0,78 square metre white paper…..44 day….. and then the rock was recreated. ‘Living stones’ the title showed up to be. Small and big and bigger challenges has been on the way. If I am content with the picture? Am I happy completing it? It feels strange and empty, I miss it……it was safe to go to my studio and know fairly well what the day’s work would be about. In my head I am already half way up to the mountain ‘Storehesten’ (the big horse). …..have ‘climbed’ it before , so this time it will be through another route… that hasn’t been climbed before ….. with a watercolour. And another time of the year.Exiting? That word does not cover; it is a quivering feeling, the same as always at starting a new mountain climbing…..

To get to know a friend
is like climb a mountain
Show respect for the mountain
listen to the signs of it
follow the cracks and traces
One might shiver at the chasms
back out at steep short
courage and willpower is needed to reach the top
One needs climbing knowhow
to be a friend