Mid Christmas and New Year 3

In these days of counting your stock….

17 years ago I said farewell to my job. I wanted to try out other talents than teaching. I met with many a challenge and many a joy. In this my new life I also met some bodies in the official administration.  I had to handle some bodies in the municipality thar had not affected me in the same way before…..such as the tax body… that was new and not familiar…… When I was finishing the more complicated tax form, I got some thoughts about this official room of which we all play a part in…..! These reflexions became a little text:

An account
is to count all your fortunes
You start with counting your incomes 
thereafter you count your outlays
Then you subtract all your outlays
from all your incomes
So you are left with all your blessing
of which the tax authorities know nothing about
…..they are so difficult to count….