Nearly there!

Well begun is half done…half done and a bit more …  …

Would so dearly make the flowers climb in the rocks like they really did! The foxglove grew out from a chink in the gneiss.. the Bird’sfoot trefoil crept over the ditch underneath the steep wall of rocks….. the butterflies landed on the delicate stem of the harebell where she climbs all over in the steep rock wall…. the mountain cranberries grow from poor soil on a shelf in the rock just on the edge of the cliff…..and the hip rose….well…. they behaved as if they were at home and owners of the whole mountain! The closest to a celebrity among the flowers was the white wild orchid… who sent the most exotic fragrance out in the air…especially at night time: The night violet herself!

The more common ones, the true servants that gave us joy through the whole summer, were the buttercup and the cranesbill…two oppositesin colour range but in peaceful coexistence and in cooperation with The Lady’s Mantle;…. an example of ‘work together and get things done….
We can learn much from the ‘mountain climbers….


Happiness it is

when the roadsides
come meeting with you
and the buttercups shoot
in thousands of smiling blossoms
in the midsummer’s day
When the harebell
give us a lesson
in ‘climbing art’ and courage
Happiness it is
when the butterfly
flutters in the wind
Happy luck!



Summer rain

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