Nearly to the top

 Well begun…. half done and a bit more…  …

I so dearly want  the flowers to climb in the mountain rock like they really did! A foxglove grew out from a crack in the gneiss.The bird’s foot trefoil crept over the ditch of the roadside underneath the steep mountain wall….The butterflies landed on the delicate stems of the harebells where she climbed everywhere …. fearless of the chasm…. The mountain cranberries grew from poor soil on the edge of the ‘cliff’…..and the hip roses behaved like royalty and owners of the whole rock! ……
The celebrity amongst the flowers was the wild orchid who sent out its exotic fragrance towards the evening; The night violet, herself! The more common ones, the dailyday’s toilers, who gave us rejoice all days throughout the summer: The bright yellow buttercups and the violet stork’s beak’s. Two opposite poles in colour range, but in peaceful union and collaboration with Lady’s Mantle.

What a team spirit and knowhow can make them succeed in covering the rock wall like on a flower field!
We have got much to learn from these mountain climbers……



is when the roadsides
come meeting with you
and the Buttecups contributes
with thousands of flower smiles
in the Mid Summer’s Day
… when the harebell
give us a lesson
in climbing art and courage
Happiness is
when the butterflies
flap in the meek wind
Good luck!



Summer rain

the best
I know about

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