Pilgrimage Balestrand 29th July 2014


It is a great honour for us, as the founders of pilgrimage Balestrand, to invite you to the very first Pilgrimage wandering, Olsok 2014! (‘Olsok’ is the old mass day for St. Olav, our patron saint from the catholic time. Many of these saints’s mass days we still celebrate.)
This is an historical event, and we hope that you and many with you will participate! 


28th July: Arrival to Balestrand

In the evening: Meeting with film, film og informasjon



29. juli
Pilegrimsvandring til Kvamsøy
Pilegrimsgudsteneste i Kvamsøy kyrkje
Avduking av ‘skulpturen ‘Børtreet’ og signing av Børtrehuset

30. juli
Pilegrimsvandring til Tjuatoten
Alt. opplegg for dei som ynskjer ei mindre utfordrande løype


Krossen på platået
Krossen på platået


You are free to choose to participate in the main Pilgrimage to Kvamsøy.

Practical information about lodging:

Balestrand has many possibilities to choose among.
Here is an oversite of the different alternatives:

Link to www.sjotun.com
Sjøtun camping is in walking distance from the express boat quay.

Link to www.booking.com/DragsvikFjordhotel
Dragsvik Fjordhotell is beautifully situated at the  Sognefjord about 8 kilometre from Balestrand centre

Link til www.booking.com/MidtnesHotel
Midtnes is a family run hotel with rich traditions, 5 minute’s walk from the centre.
Midtnes hotell has given this special offer for pilgrims:
[toggle title_open=»Close Me» title_closed=»Open Me» hide=»yes» border=»yes» style=»default» excerpt_length=»0″ read_more_text=»Read More» read_less_text=»Read Less» include_excerpt_html=»no»]Prices given pr. person:
Overnight stay in double room 2 nights
Included breakfast and lunch pack…………..NKr 1050,-
Addition for room with a balcony…………… NKr 200,-
Overnight stay in double room 3 nights
Included breakfast and lunch pack…………..NKr 1550,-
Addition for room with a balcony…………… NKr 300,-
Extra for single room per night pr. natt ….. NKr 200,-
Dinner after ordering in the reception:
Price NKr 295,- pr pers. Is served at 19:00[/toggle]

Link til  www.kviknes.no/
Kviknes is among the Historical hotels of Norway
and is beautifully situated at the water fron of Balestrand centre.
Contact them for a special offer.

20131027_131721ENLISTING before 10th July
Pilegrimsvandring Balestrand
Bjørg Frøisok Bjøberg
Fjærestad 44
6899 Balestrand
Mob.: 915 62 842
e-mail:  bjoergfb@online.no

With a kind reward from Bjørg og Arthur:
Here they pose in the Viking Oak… The thousand Year Oak…. one of the attractions at the PIlgreimage path.