Programme for Pilgrim Progress Balestrand July 29. 2014


28th July
Guests gradually arriving Balestrand and finding their lodging places

In the evening: Welcoming assembling with concert, film and information

29th July
Pilgrimage wandering to Kvamsøy
Pilgrimage service in Kvamsøy church
Seremony of Unveiling the sculpture ‘The Worry Tree’ and Blessing the ‘Worry Tree House’

30th July
Pilgrimage wandering to Tjuatoten mountain
Ceremony at The Old Stone Cross on the top plateau

Alternative arrangement for those who wish for a ‘lighter’ wandering

31th July
or longer stay in ‘the green lounge’ of Balestrand and surrounding areas

is the smallest island in Norway
with a church
It is dated from 1280
and is unique of its kind
The ‘naked’ but rich interior
gives a particular atmosphere

20131027_131550The thousand Year Oak
at Målsnes farm

close by the pilgrimage path
towards Kvamsøy
Under the wide tree crown
is the right surroundings
for a gathering
for meditation
and a short devotional

Krossen på platået

Tjuatoten 1089 m
with wide view to ‘seven kingdoms’
is the destination 
for a pilgrimage
to The Stone Cross
on the top plateau
and it rewards you
for the efforts
in the steep hills above the fjord

When you wish for more information or you want to enlist,

conact by e-mail:

or by post address: Pilegrimsvandring Balestrand
Bjørg F. Bjøberg, Fjærestad 44, 6899 Balestrand

or you may simply phone me.: oo47 915 62 842
We are looking foreward to hearing from you!

Balestrand have got several excellent possible lodgings
in the following ‘Pilgrimage news’ on our website we will give more practical information
So, please follow…..