The last day of the year

Before a new millennium under ‘The Milky way’



Kort 1A memory from 1999 comes before me, as strong as every new year’s eve. In our winter cottage with cildren and grandchildren. High up in the mountain with frost and snow. The sky was clear and dark and full of stars. Some strong and bright, some just like glimpses now and then like ‘little star’ in the children song. Here and there we saw those that was ‘glittering’ like in the Christmas carol. Suddenly I saw The Milky Way! I felt as if I was in the middle of the big galaxy. I was part of an infinite room. With this experience in mind we went in to the new millennium. This would follow me for the rest of my life…

Shine then
little star
so that
we see the way

Light up
and give warmth
in the cold night
for the new day
to meet with us