The light in the grey cold

Light over land

PerlerA cold, e really grey cold winter’s day
not the tiniest sun glimpse
the clouds lay layer on layer
yet in different shades of grey
they lay so tightly together
that even not a  millimetre of sun was let through
It is hard to get through
these winters…
Just a day like today
we search for memories of
dewdrop mornings from a colourful autumn
the flower fields we waded through
on the warmest days of June
all the light Summer evenings
when the sun lays a starry edge
on the mountain tops
… long after dawn
I got warmth
by the thought only
… on my cheek
and in my heart
Winter is so beautiful
with the whites and the greys
AutumnLeafList of wants in January…….
Happy children and grandchildren
and their children again
joys in the Daily day life
light days
warm summer rain
joys of early Spring
view fro high mountains
that are easy to climb
What else?