The past and the future is right in this moment

Whom are we?

Some times I am lost in thoughts. When I change the calendar they are deeper… What has made me into the person I am… otherways than the outlook? The genes are my heritage from forefathers and -mothers, and they have made me a tine the  lopsided body, the left ear a little lower than the right one, and a blue sight on life. My ponderings go more into what and whom have formed our inner self. What gave us strength and weakness, will of determination and discouragement… What lit us into deeds and what bent us down? From where came the colours within us and the wish and need to create…

Bru i Supphamar-kopi (1)Dråper på bladAll happenings
from the moment
we opened our eyes
all the writings
all the happy moments
all our meetings with
fellow sisters
and brothers
all dewy mornings
and shimmering
here we stand
on the bridge
our whole life…
What do we bring
over the bridge
into the future
I wonder…