The Twelfth Night

I evig rørsle og stille roChristmas Joy far into the New Year…

… it possible?… It is so easy to be expectant in the Advent time. We are sort of programmed to be happy at Christmas.The New Year’s joy is an explosion of hilarious happiness. And thereafter the ‘grey’ days are coming……Then you have to dig deep to find the joy inside. It comes from thousands of golden stars in the sky, from the red Robin quickly coming to catch a grain of corn from the gavel….. we all have our special sources and talents… if we think carefully….
For me happiness is connected with colours. I have just finished the first strife of an new water colour painting… I haven’t caught it yet…  I am still in the searching for the soul of it…. But then…in a magical moment colours and lines are right… Oh, holy happiness! Cooperation between knowledge and powers, fantasy and talent… and not the least the unfathomable love for the work; wether it is preparing a lesson as a teacher or building a stone wall at the roadside or giving a lecture in a big assembly…. a creating a water colour painting. I want everybody to experience the joy to create and see something grow under your fingers and admire the result….. a plant you have helped to give life..

Good luck with a new creative and colourful year… grey or red, turquoise, green, blue or lilac… and not to forget yellow, the colour of the sun…..

with happy colours
on wandering
searching for
new methods
and new ways
Always alertly looking for
new challenges
at the next hight