The unnoticeable turning point

Then… it has happened again…

utsnittThis year it happened on the 17th February…. a cold and eastern wind  day… wind from east is cold here in Sogn. Last year it happened on another date, maybe… and in another kind of wether…. unnoticeable… once or another while in the daytime….. I stop in the middle of the kitchen floor…knowing that something has changed. I can’t explain it. I look around me… everything is like normal and yet… in a fraction of a second; i feel it more than I see it: …. The light is on its way back!
Just like in life itself; we come to a point where we know that something is changed, you yourself or conditions and people around, and this will have an effect  on our life ahead….

A moment
a moment
of your day
to someone you care for
A small moment
in your thought
a flight of thought
This might make
the big difference….