Thoughts in the rain

The wondrous drops

blomsterjente(LR)A rainy day like this… thinking back to childhood Summer’s days. They were always filled with sunshine! ‘When Summer was sun’ is the title of one of my paintings; memories from Summer’s flower fields, blueberry tours! Rainy weather did not belong to life in those days, they were not in the calculation. Yet, they were there! They contained small drops that filled the holes in the sand  on the road. We played with them; we jumped into the middle of them; O, you joy of childhood! We all have got our summers’ memories….filled by drops….


The small miracle

in every single drop
When sun beams come
the drop shines with silver
with a ring of gold
and in the middle
lies the source of all the colours
Think of red
and you se roses
Think of blue
you’ll see the ocean
Think of yellow
there come the buttercup
Think of green
the grass is growing
Think of lilla
and tones come to you
In the drop lies within…
all the colours
for life