Wait and keep waiting…

The waiting, together with many, give a new dimension to the day.

Much interesting might come out of vaiting in a queue. We hae got a shared goal, which joins us together in a special way. We know what we have ahead – we wanted to see Edvard Munch. But what we did not know, was whether our expectations would be fulfilled, a common feeling of uncertainty.  So there is a shared, common feeling lying over the whole queue this clear bright autumn day in October, but we all knew, for certain, deep inside, that we would go out richer from the experience.
And we were together, it happened to us all – that very same while! I believe that Åsmund, my daughter’s 12 year old son – when he gets to his ‘old days’ – will recollect this day and say to himself with a smile: «I went to ‘Munch 150’ together with Mamma, Aunt Veslemøy, Arthur and Mormor (Grandma). That was something of an experience!

We should do more of that king here in the world!


Holy days and every days

the everyday clothing
becomes holiday clothing
with happiness
over small things in life