Watercolour thoughts


Reflextions on the rock that disappeared

You get used to seeing your neighbours – every day. They become part of your life. I am happy for good neighbourship. This summer I had to say goodbye to a good neighbour: The rock that disappeared our of my sight and my life. It was simply detonated away, bit for bit. All the flowers thar grew alongside the wall, in cracks and at the roadside underneath and beautifyed my day, are gone. Now they are only part of my inner sight. The mourning process led me into a new watercolour painting. Every day a new part of my little mountain will be restored, and I so much want to share with you, My hope is that when te painting is finished, the mountain will be real again! It is a long, long way…

Whatever we are up to
let the heart be in it
then the deed will be
significant and clear and true