Welcome to test the Pilgrimage path!

Red ribbons through the forests!

StjernesolFour point four kilometre path is winding its way through the area called Målsnes forests…….
The path is good for your foot to thread on. Quite a lot of trees were in the way and had to be cut down. Stumblestones are made into steps to make it easy to ‘climb’ the hilly sections. The path is marked with red ribbons and the Pilgrimage Balestrand symbol. It lies there for you to walk on!
Any path in the nature has to be waked on to make it good. Our Pilgrimage path will be better and better the more people walk on it. ‘Rome was not built in one day’… so is the case with our path as well. But Nature around is perfect! Come to Balestrand and become a Pilgrim!

20130329_161955When you visit Balestrand, and want to try this Pilgrimage, you can either ask in The Tourist Information for help to find us. The Golden House, our gallery and Pilgrim centre, is right around the corner….
This first Summer we will arrange for guided Pilgimages for groups on requests. We will take you to the medieval church on the Kvamsoy island.

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