With blank canvas….

The blank canvas… the new day

A clean, white, empty canvas lies in front of me… I have planned what to fill it with and I want it to be a masterpiece; …before my inner eyes it  i s  already! The motif and all the lines are there. Every colour has got the right grade and glow…. the light in the shadow and the shadow in the light. Words of thoughts have also got a space within the limits the paper. These are thoughts at every new beginnings. Will I succeed this time… I wonder……

Such it is with our day, as well… From the morning it lies in front of us, and it is for us to fill it ; either with physical works, your job… in office, school or whatever… smalltalk with the neighbour, a telephone call…. good thoughts are to be sent either by imagination og by post, old-fashioned and good. Will it be sunshine today, or do we have to enjoy the sun from yesterday… or those beams two weeks ago…. The sky is cloudy!….. Well, sun shines in so many different ways and the energy from it can be stored….

A picture is like a day
The new day
is shining over every little thing
over the tiny snow crystal shining on the field

over the roof of the neighbour’s house
over the naked birch forest thar beams back in burgundy colours
over the willing ore forest that shines in green and gives promise of spring
over the red robbin on the feeding tray
that make you ask if you ever before have seen such red colour

over the Golden Apple .. so that you eventually believe in
the story of the hidden gold treasure
over the biggest of the ‘Spenadn’
so that you really know what golden snow looks like

and then the day begin
my day
and your
and it will be how you create it