Stikkordarkiv: bridges and gates

Over bridges and through gates

Bridges and gates are some quite special items…

So… now Jørgen and his men will make a  gate in the fence from the ‘outer’ ground to the area closer to the farm…. and a path the will lead the pilgrim to a silent while on the hill … There one can feel the connection with the past… with you oneself … and it is easier to listen to the voice of the soul inside…. Reflection  and meditation … and one might even find out something about the meaning of life….why we are here, just now…… under the honourable old oak…… and if you go into the open trunk, you can even see the sky….


Over bridges

and through gates
in unknown land
you need men’s courage
and women’s strength
to venture on to
and through
but you have to go
over and through
to reach
the land of tomorrow