Stikkordarkiv: pilgrimage path

Oh, you light in the forest…

‘Good and suitable weather’

Such read the parish clark as part of the prayer as an opening of every sunday service… I remember from my childhood church in Flå, Hallingdal. Now, these day we have had that suitable weather… for the ‘boys’ working with clearing the trace for the pilgrimage path. The picture above …. take it easy!.. Ingvar is not going to cut a single one of the honourable oak trees in the Målsnes forest. He will cut as little as possible. But it is important to clear the ground for the path to be nice and even, good for the foot to tread. … so, I’m afraid, some trees are in the way! But the forest have got plenty of the kind, and the property owners have given permission to cut where it is necessary. The pathway will be like an alley… Tall and slim fur trees in good mixture with lowgrowing birch or ore trees.. with some juniper bushes for extra scent. Scattered in between we meet hip roses with thorns… …Blackberries tastes good, but walking through those densly growing plants of that kind of an area is a challenge… the thorns hacks into your clothing… The way has to be cleared…..  Birds of many kind give concert to the Pilgrimage… mossy ground under the fur trees give good resound….


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[box type=»info» style=»rounded» border=»full»]Eik i kulturhistorien[rediger | rediger kilde] Mighty oak trees……Find information in this link:[/box]