Stikkordarkiv: romjul

‘Romjul’ The days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve

The silent room

APRIL-2008(RGB)APRIL-2008(RGB) (11)Happy feast with light and laughter
golden angels, stars,
with Christmas carols
and cantatas
we have been seated
around set tables
with children and
and rejoiced in
the Christmas evangelium
Downton ‘Christmas special’
We have given
and received presents
felt happiness
with both
We have been happy
baking cakes
sheep rib, aqua vita

Now it feels good
to walk into
the quiet room
for a little while

A time for reflexion
and pondering about time
the time we got
and what we gave
the time being
and the time
we will experience tomorrow

 We go meeting with that time
with an open heart
and open eyes

Titles of the watercolours:
‘Pondering under the stars’
‘The mild gift of expectation’